Touching Sample

I’m finally officially done with the headpiece. I decided to make a sample for touching, and I decided to do it before I put away all the yarns.

Now I can clean my studio and move on to new work.
The first thing I plan to do tomorrow is to apply the things I learned in Daryl Lancaster’s Photographing Your Own Work seminar at the ASCH conference last weekend. I’ll photograph the headpiece.
The next thing for this coming week (after sending in my submission for Focus on Fiber II at Studio Channel Islands Art Center) is to start a plan for re-landscaping our front yard. I’ll post some ‘before’ pictures this week. It’s pretty ratty looking, and we want to put in draught tolerant and native plants. I want to put in California native grass, which doesn’t need mowing and requires very little water.
Here is my work table in my studio that I need to clean this week. The whole rest of the room looks pretty much like this.
I was going to post a picture of more of it, but I decided to forget it, its too embarrassing.
Well, more later. . .

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