Chair shopping with a late lunch

Man, my tush hurts, and I officially do not like Panera Bread. I need a new chair for my desk. In the past year, I’ve been spending many long hours sitting at the computer, and the seat of my chair seems to have lost all of it’s cushyness. I think the pain in my tush really started last fall when I was working on the Four Seasons Crown of Colors, and sitting for many long hours at a time. Which probably means I need a new work stool also. These days I’m on the computer 2-3 full days a week, and now my tush hurts.

I had a doctor’s appointment at UCLA, actually, I had an ultrasound of my thyroid. At my check-up in July my doctor thought my thyroid was enlarged, so she sent me for the ultrasound.

Afterwards I went into Santa Monica to the Relax the Back Store to look at the really expensive ergonomically designed chairs. I was over in Santa Monica on Saturday, also looking at Herman Miller chairs at Design Withih Reach. At RtB I looked at a Humanscale chair and several Lifeform models.

So far the best one is the Lifeform with the tempurpedic foam seat. I sat in it and my tush did not hurt as it does even now, sitting on an old bench at Panera Bread (which I tried for the first time today and officially do not like) at 5th and Wilshire in Santa Monica. It’s in the former Polly’s Pies, across from the former Zucky’s, and it looks – and feels- like they kept the old carpet and benches, and put some pictures of bread on the walls. I’m sitting on a long booth type bench that runs along one wall with small tables and chairs in front of it. The cushion has died and it feels like I’m sitting in a hole.

Why I’m thumbs down on Panera Bread is this: all they’re sandwiches are pre-made, and all of them have some version of secret sauce. If you want a sandwich with no mayo, they get kinda flustered and anxiously warn you it will take 15 minutes to make a new one. I don’t like pre-made sandwiches.

Well, my meter is about to run out. It’s time to head down the California incline, up the PCH, and over Topanga to home. I may stop at Crate & Barrel to look at chairs.


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