Old Year/New Year

We’re getting ready to ring out the old year with our neighbors. I have vegetables roasting in the oven and stuffed shells baking. When they’re all ready in a few minutes, we’re going next door. We have great neighbors on both sides of us. We get together a few times a year, and tonight we’re having dinner and waiting for the New Year.

2009 was mostly a good year for me, and I’m hoping really good things will happen in 2010.  in 2009:

I turned 50 in January, almost a whole year ago.

I had my work on exhibit almost constantly throughout the year. I had some things come home from a show, and turn around the next day to go to another show. I won four awards in shows. I had a piece published in a book.

Irv turned 50 In May.

I had a great post conference workshop at the SDA conference in Kansas City, and came home and developed a line of Crocheted Wire jewelry.

I had an enlarged thyroid gland in July, an ultrasound then a needle biopsy in August. I had thyroid cancer.

Irv and I had a wonderful vacation in France in September and October.

I had my thyroid removed, had radiation, and am now on thyroid replacement medication for the rest of my life.

As of this moment I feel good, like normal. The scar still hurts a little sometimes.

I will have some work published in a book coming out next month, I won an award.

I’m going to San Francisco in two weeks for an opening of an exhibition I have work in.

I’m curating a show at La Sierra University in Riverside in February.

2009 was not bad, really. C’mon 2010! I’m ready.


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