Frustration and Rumination

plastic bags sorted on the dining room table

I’m stuck. I’m in the idea-not-formed-yet phase of designing; the not-sure-which-way-to-go-yet phase. I have the criteria for the next project: a piece of yardage to be a minimum of 18″ wide and 3 yards long, with an 8″ x 8″ touching sample, to be completed, photographed and ready for submission by February 1st. I have the basis of an idea: a piece entitled disposable/indestructible, with a yarn warp and some sort of plastic weft. OR maybe no plastic, yarn for the tabby weft and fabric strips? for the pattern weft. It will be an overshot design.

The challenges:

1) The Warp: I need design software. I should have bought it a year and a half ago. And now I’ve gotten to the point where I can no longer muddle through making my threading and treadling diagrams on Excel spreadsheets. There are three programs on the market, and the one I’ve decided to get is just not very easy to buy. I tried to buy it in person in Tampa, and that couldn’t happen. I’ve tried calling on the phone, and they don’t answer. I’ve left voice messages, and haven’t gotten a return call. I filled out an online order form, which doesn’t include a payment method. When I hit ‘send now’ a new email opened up, so I typed in a message. It feels like I’m shouting into a black hole. I know people who use this software, so it must be possible to buy it – right?

2) The Weft. I have this idea to create a collage of plastic bags, then cut the collage into strips and weave it in the weft of my yardage. I tried ironing the bags to fuse them together, Like Penny Collins does. I wasn’t pleased with the results. I tried adhering them together with Gel medium, and it doesn’t look like it will hold up to being cut, wound on a shuttle, and thrown back and forth through the shed. It doesn’t look like it will even dry, actually. I should try putting my samples outside in the warm Southern California Winter, but its gotten too late for today.

For now I wait for the software people to get back to me, but I can’t wait much longer. If I can’t accomplish a purchase of the elusive program, I’ll have to choose and buy one of the other two.

For now I ruminate on the materials and methods for doing the weft. I have some more ideas to sample. I have a couple hours till the end of my work day. Ok, back to the studio, back to the dining room, I have more experiments to make.


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