Mini Cool Globe

With exactly three weeks until I’m slated to present my annual project at the May 26 Designing Weavers meeting, I have taken a wild tangent. It’s called a Mini Cool Globe, it’s for a fundraiser, and it’s deadline is May 20th.

Mini Globe, Day 1

 A little over a week ago, I received an email inviting me to create a Mini Cool Globe for a silent auction to raise money for the Children’s Nature Institute, an organization that provides environmental education programs to kids in the Los Angeles area. The original Cool Globes were 5′ in diameter, and I think they are still traveling. They were on display here in Exposition Park last year.

Wendy Abrams, the originator of Cool Globes, Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet donated these plaster mini globes to CNI. They are going to be designed and decorated by local artists, displayed and auctioned off at a gala celebration on May 27th at the Skirball Cultural Center.

With that tight of a timeline, I almost declined the project; but I asked a fateful question: how big are the globes. When I heard about the Cool Globes project last year, I got an idea to do a coiled plastic globe, about beach ball sized. So I already had this idea for a plastic covered globe in the back of my head, and when I found out the mini globes are about the size of a basketball, I was in.

I briefly considered fusing the plastic, but there are too many unknowns with that process. If I had more time to experiment I might have done it. Coiling was out of the question almost as soon as I thought about it a year ago – it’s just too slow of a process. However, I’m in crochet mode because last week I also signed on to do a project with some high school age kids in Pasadena. I’m going to teach them how to make plastic bag yarn and crochet with it. And I happen to have two big boxes of used plastic bags sitting in my living room that I was graciously given by Virginia Fleck, an artist in Austin, TX.

So I’m going to crochet a plastic globe, and it has to be done by May 20th. I decided to document the process since I won’t be in possession of the globe when it’s done, and this may well end up being my DW annual project.

I decided to crochet directly on the globe starting with a chain around the stand, which happens to be right in the middle of Antarctica. 

I’m cutting the plastic in a spiral around the body of the bag, and I’m using a size F hook. I decided to use 1 1/2″ wide strips, or 2-3 narrower strips if I want to mix colors.

I combined white and clear for Antarctica; and two dark blues for the southern ocean. Last night I stopped when I got to where I needed to start the southern tip of South America. I’m going to combine colors, and I want to choose them during the day; which is what I’m going to do in a few minutes after I post this.

But, I can say I got one entire continent done last the first day.


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