Ripping Back

I actually got farther than this yesterday. I did the southern tip of South America and Africa. I did New Zealand and Tasmania. My blue oceans came right up to Australia and Madagascar; both of which I would have done on the next round.

And I didn’t like it. And I ripped it all out, the whole day’s work, all the way back to where I started in the morning.

I changed the colors I was using for, well, all of it. I changed the colors I’m using for the continents, they were too dark. I’m going to mix the blue/green ocean colors more. instead of going for a gradation from darkest blue at the poles to lighter, turquoise at the equator, I’m going to mix it more.

I’m trying to make a geographic globe, not a political one. I don’t want the colors to suggest nations, or have any political associations. That we are covering the globe in plastic (bags) is the statement I’m trying to make.


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