Mother’s Day, Globe Day 6

The picture to the right shows where my Earth Cozy was on Friday night.


Last night I got above the equator, which means I need to start decreasing a few stitches on each row and I no longer need the masking tape to hold the plastic on the globe. The plastic covering now hugs the globe on its own.

I should be able to finish covering the globe with plastic within a couple of days. Once I sit down to work on it this evening, I could make it into North America and Europe.

I’ve been looking at an atlas while I’m working on the globe, and I’m considering what to do about the northern ice cap, and how big to  make it.

And I also have a question for anybody who may be following this. If I have enough time, shall I cover the stand with crocheted plastic also?

The globe is made of plaster, and it is very nicely finished. I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures. It will look fine if I don’t cover it. I’m thinking that covering it will just make it more complete; it will complete the statement I’m making about covering the globe with plastic bags.

So, what do you think? Post a comment with your thoughts.

Last night I stopped when I ran out of blue plastic. Not surprisingly, I’m using a whole lot of blue bags.

Fortunately, I have two big boxes of used plastic bags. As I said on Day 1 of this project, I got these from Virginia Fleck, and artist from Austin, Texas. She got these bags from a plastic bag distributor, they were seconds that couldn’t be delivered to the customer. Virginia used them for temporary installation pieces. I love that they are all used, and that they were used for artwork.


3 comments so far

  1. juliekornblum on

    Michael also suggested using black to cover the stand, and I do have black bags. The bump on the base is a logo. I was thinking of leaving a little window to show the logo, to honor the author of the project – and to show off my own cleverness, of course.

  2. Deborah on

    The globe rocks! I really love following your posts, too. My vote is to cover the bottom in plastic — in a contrasting color — black? brown? Or perhaps paint it. This will avoid the illusion that Antarctica is an extension of the white base. Keep going, it’s great!

  3. Samantha K. on

    I love that you can see our random stuff in the background.

    Anyway. I think, if you have time, you should go ahead and cover the bottom, especially cause there seems to be some kind of unattractive bump on the base. Would you just cover the top of the base, or the sides as well (I’m assuming you won’t cover the bottom for stability reasons.)

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