Whoa, I can’t believe its Thursday again already. This is Day 10 of the globe project, and I could finish today.

 I had a couple of days – Monday and Tuesday –  where I didn’t get very far, and didn’t take any photos. Tuesday was both Irv’s birthday and cleaning day. I ran a bunch of errands and did some (a-hem) last minute shopping in the morning. Then I had to straighten up the house so the cleaning crew could clean. For one thing, I had to cram all those plastic bags back in the box so they could vacuum the living room carpet.

I also cleared out my car so it could get cleaned. Irv came home early to take it for his free birthday car wash. There’s a car wash near us that gives a free car wash on your birthday. For locals: it’s the one at the gas station in the corner of the mall parking lot at Topanga and Vanowen. I guess his car was clean, so he took mine.

We went out for dinner with my father-in-law, his girl-friend, and our son. We had a wonderful dinner at Anarbagh Indian Cuisine in Woodland Hills. We shared some appetizer samplers, lamb and chicken dishes, and naan bread. The five of us polished off every scrap and there was nothing left over to take home.

Yesterday I was able to put in several hours on the globe. I got through the United States and the Mediterranean; and went well into Canada and Northern Europe. I stopped at Iceland to go to the other room to get white yarn, which prompted a discussion of whether it should be white or green. In the dining room I consulted my satellite map in my large atlas. Iceland is indeed more green than white, and I’m going to mix those colors for it.

You can see I’ve tried to approximate the colors of the continents. But the whole thing is more an abstraction of the globe than an accurate representation. This is a result of the size of yarn and stitches I’m using, which is a result of my usual style of working. I like working large and abstract, with large elements. I’m not one to do anything photo-realistic, or weave with sewing thread – although I greatly admire those who do.

A few nights ago I did the Gulf of Mexico in blue, sadly thinking about the horrible oil disaster that is happening there. Over the weekend, I did Hawaii in pink mixed with green, like a hibiscus bush.


You can see in the picture above how I’m working with lots of separate ends. I’m mixing two or three colors in every area on the globe. At first I was running the same blue strands around by carrying them under the stitches for the land areas. As the continents and the oceans got wider, I started cutting them off at the western edges and restarting when I got back around to the eastern edge on the next round.

I also started using different colors on different land areas, and separate pieces of blue for certain oceans, lakes, and seas. So I’ve gotten to where I have a dozen or so butterflies hanging off my work. Which also means I have lots and lots of little cut ends tucked down inside; thus breaking the cardinal rule of needlework, that the inside or back side should look as good as the right side. All I can say is, the purist in me gave up that battle a looong time ago.


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