Progress Report

Tuesday morning and here I am. The skirt is to be 20 rounds of crochet, and I’m half way through the 10th round. I’m increasing every 4th stitch, which makes each row 25% longer than the row before it.

After abandoning me late last week, my son returned to cutting bags for me yesterday; which is very helpful, the amount of time required to cut the bags is getting larger with each row of crochet also.

For those who are interested, here’s some technical stuff:

For solid colors, we’re cutting the bags in 1 1/2″ strips. We’re using the continuous spiral method (look up plastic bag yarn on YouTube and view a few videos. there are two main methods for making yarn).

For mixed colors, we’re cutting 3/4″ strips. I’m using a size ‘G’ hook and double crochet stitches. As I already said, I’m increasing every 4th stitch.

I’ve had to dig all the way to the bottom of the boxes of bags for certain colors. All of the dark blue are already used up. There aren’t as many of the dark green (which it the next row) as other colors.

The bags are the size of a standard grocery store shopping bags. They were used in some wonderful outdoor temporary installations, blown up like balloons, fastened with rubber bands and paper clips. When the installations came down, they popped the bags and crammed them into boxes.

This is where my son first came into this project. I had him taking off the rubber bands and paper clips smoothing out and sorting the bags.

So, what’s next? My goal is to get the entire skirt done by the end of the day Friday. I’ll have more Jelly Yarn by then, and I’ll move on to finishing knitting the bodice. I’m pretty sure the dress will need a strap, and I have an idea for a one-shoulder design. I want to make a hat for my mannequin since she’s bald.

Somewhere in there, by July 16, I also have to warp a loom and get ready for Convergence.

I got an email this morning from HGA promoting the fashion show, and I realized I’m still po’d about my crown not getting selected. Getting selected and not getting accepted are all part of this work I’ve chosen to pursue. I’ve had many rejections that didn’t bother me, but for some reason this one stings. I guess getting hurt feelings is part of it too, it’s just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.


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