Getting the nails done

The dress is essentially done. I’m at my nail salon, Chinois Beaute Bar, getting my routine, two week fill and pedicure. Today I brought the hands of the mannequin to get her nails polished.
Tammy is the owner of Chinois Beaute Bar, and the brilliant colorist responsible for all the wonderful nail colors I wear. She mixed a custom color to match the Pink Parfait Jelly Yarn.
I have some finishing touches to make for the outfit, which means probably one more day of working. Then I’ve got to pack for Convergence. Deb, Gerri, Regina, and I are hitting the road Sunday.


3 comments so far

  1. Kathleen on

    Your mannequin looks beautiful! Love the dress and love that you found a nail polish match for the Pink Parfait Jelly Yarn. The hat and flowers are perfect accessories!

  2. Merna on

    Too funny — the nails! I’m looking forward to seeing the babe on exhibit. She looks great. And maybe I’ll run into you in Albuquerque, Julie

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