Road Trip Day 2

After we had reviewed our plans the night before, we had decided to stay in Sedona until the shops opened in the morning. We wanted to visit Isadora Handweaving in the Tlaquepaque Village shopping area.
So we did some shopping. More silver bracelets were bought. Deb likes her jewelry on the heavy side. She got two thick and smooth bracelets. Reg got one with a beautiful hummingbird design. I got two thin bangles to go with the two I had gotten across the creek at th Tourquoise Turtle the day before.
It was after 11:00 by the time we headed up Oak Creek Canyon. We went east on I-40, our goal to make it to Toadlena and Two Grey Hills by 3:00; which was never going to happen.
We stopped for gas in Flagstaff, picked up some bread and lunch meat, had sandwiches in the car, and didn’t stop until we got to Gallup. It was then that we realized that by crossing into New Mexico we had crossed from Mountain Standard Time in Arizona to Mountain Daylight Time, and it was 4:19.
Two Grey Hill closed at 5:00, but Toadlena is open till 6:00; so we headed north on Highway 491 toward Shiprock.
We pulled into Toadlena at a quarter to 6:00. Justin, the son of the owner, didn’t rush us to get out and showed us around. In one room they have an exhibit of the rugs and history of one family of weavers, starting with one woman and following all her daughters and granddaughters.
Gerri and I bought small rugs, Regina and Deborah bought some books.


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