Wednesday, Chimayo to Albuqerque

After lunch in Santa Fe Tuesday we went north to Chimayo. Regina had been there last year and she booked our room at the Rancho de Chimayo. It’s a lovely B&B in an old adobe house, with a wonderful restaurant across the road. There’s a horse in a pasture next to the restaurant who likes to stand in the corner of the fence next to the road and the driveway to the restaurant. When we went out the front gate of the hacienda to go for dinner, we were startled by a sound, we turned, and there was the horse by the corner of the fence looking at us.
During dinner we got to talking to our waiter and we mentioned the horse outside, and he gave us two apples.
The horse has a little racket going: he schmoozed the guests coming from the hacienda to the restaurant and he gets apples when they come out.
Wednesday morning we visited two weaving places in Chimayo before going south again. We got some small things at Ortega Weaving, and spent a long time looking through all the wonderful rugs at Centinela Traditional Arts. Regina and Gerri bought some very nice pieces there.


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