Me and my mannequin at Santa Monica Place


“Fall is in the air.” Well, not really. I don’t really know what that phrase means, not experiential anyway. I know what the concept of it means (you don’t need to comment and e’splain it to me). I grew up in Mesa, Arizona and I’ve lived in this State of Gold for 30 years, 22 of those have been in the San Fernando Valley. Yes, the mornings are cooler now, but we could still have a week or two with over 100 temps – like we did 21 years ago next week, the week we brought our baby girl home from the hospital.  

We have deciduous trees here, they are probably non-natives, and they will lose their leaves at some point. They just won’t do it within the next month. It can get hot again in the first two weeks of October, and the trees that do lose their leaves don’t do it until late November.  

But school does start today; and for the first time in 15 years, I am uninvolved. The High School started two weeks ago – earlier than the other schools for some reason- and I didn’t even know it. From now on, except for the extra traffic in the neighborhood twice a day, I am blissfully unaware of what’s going on in the schools. Ok, that’s not entirely true either. When I’m scanning headlines, the initials LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) will still flag me down and get me to click on the link, read the article.  

Oh look, I gone and buried the lead. The real news is that a week from now both of my children will be away at school. This has been long anticipated. For the past several months, every time I’ve asked my son to empty the dishwasher, every time I’ve watched him take out the trash, I’ve been poignantly aware this passage was coming. The chores will be all mine to do once again – except for laundry. My dear husband washes and folds the laundry, I put the clothes away. So he’s worth the both of them put together, really.  

What ever will I do now that my children, my purpose for living, are all grown though not quite gone? Well, this week I’ll have some work on display at the Sustainable Works fundraiser at Writer’s Boot CampBergamot Station in Santa Monica. I’m doing something new for this event. Here it is in progress:  

Yes, these are hub caps with crochet plastic bags. As you can see, Clancy is still helping me with my work.


3 comments so far

  1. Kathleen on

    Awesome mannequin! And teh crocheted hub caps are amazing!

  2. Samantha K. on

    Awww, Mommy.

    Anyway, I think the hubcaps look really awesome. Are you going to connect them or are they going to be separate pieces?

    And that is a great picture of the dog.

    • juliekornblum on

      I’m making a network of green plastic strapping that I pick up in the lumber aisle of Daddy’s favorite store.

      Thank You,

      Julie Kornblum Please visit my website http://www.juliekornblum.com

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