Big Day

The day my son, Michael, goes to college has arrived. He spent the day packing. His sister came home from school for the weekend so we could celebrate her birthday, which is Monday – she’s turning 21.

We went out for dinner with My father in law and his girlfriend, my sister-in-law and her boyfriend, and Sammy’s best friend. Michael has just finished packing his car, and has gone to bed. He’s leaving early for the 80 mile drive out to Riverside. His assigned time to check in to his dorm is 8:00 am, and he wants to get there as early as possible so he can get the bottom bunk.

Irv and I are driving out separately and a little later. Sammy has an 11:20 flight back to Oakland; her friend, Michelle, is taking her to the airport. We’ll be returning home to an empty nest tomorrow afternoon. Then we’re taking off on vacation later in the week.

People have been asking me all summer what I feel about having an empty nest. I keep saying I can’t wait. I have Michael’s permission to get the extra twin bed out of his room so I can set up a photography area there. I’ve been waiting for this day for a year. Michael only needed four classes last year, so he came home at 1:00 every day. I kept saying, “I’ve got to work,” and we went out to lunch a lot, and we watched a lot of tv.

We’ve been making jokes about it all summer: I’ll have to start using the step stool in the kitchen again because he won’t be here to reach things for me; and I may never watch tv during the day again because he’s the one who always turned it on. Earlier this week he asked me, “Now, do you remember how to turn on the PS3, how to get into Netflix?” I told him yes, but I’m not sure I do.

Thursday evening one of the other artists at the Sustainable Works fundraiser told me she has some neighbors who are also at this stage, and she asked them what it’s like; and they said it’s grrrreeeaaat. We’re not helicopter parents. Michael drove himself out to Riverside for his orientation – he left two hours after I got home from my Albuquerque road trip. He’s allowed to take his car, they have plenty of parking at UCR, and the parking permit is inexpensive enough. I want him to have his car so he can go out and do things on weekends.

All this being said, do you think I’ll get a little emotional tomorrow. Oh, yeah, count on it. Will having the house to myself be as great as I’ve been saying it will be, and will I ever watch tv again (and will Clancy make it until his box of dog biscuits runs out)?

I’ll have to let you know.


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