Moving the Studio

The Before Picture


I last promised an update back in September, so I have quite a backlog of news to report before I start on new news – I’m trading rooms with my daughter: my studio for her larger bedroom. Yes, we’re in the process of a massive moving operation.

My son had a good first quarter.  He made friends, got along with his roommates well, and even lost weight. He found he didn’t eat as many meals per week as he had on his plan, and he started playing racquetball and working out regularly. He also got straight A’s.

My husband and I went on a trip to Canada and the East Coast right after Michael left for school. We took a cruise from Montreal to Boston, then spent two days in Boston and New York, and four days in Washington DC. In Washington we visited my aunt and uncle, and my cousin and her family. We went with my aunt up to central Pennsylvania one day to my hometown. There we visited my father’s two cousins who he grew up with; they were more like brothers. It was a really nice trip.

We came home to a house with no children in it. It was just me and the old dog for about five weeks from mid October to Thanksgiving weekend. I concentrated on making jewelry for the holiday sales. I had five pieces of “assemblage” work accepted in an exhibition at Ontario (Ontario, California) Airport. A man traveling on business saw my work there and bought some jewelry from the Arts That Work website. I got the notice that I am one of 23 people chosen (out of 127 applicants who submitted 187 proposals) to curate an exhibition at either LAX or Ontario Airport in the coming year.

 On the Saturday before Thanksgiving, the weekend of the Designing Weavers holiday sale, Clancy couldn’t walk more than a few steps without falling. I had been using a towel as a sling to help him up over the past few months, but now he was growling and snapping at us. He wasn’t able to get himself outside, and he wasn’t letting us help him up. these were the signs that I had always said would mean the end.

 When I came home from the sale in the evening we rigged up a sling with handles so we could help him walk. We talked to the kids and they wanted to see him one last time. But they also decided they wanted to be with us when we took him to the vet, so I made an appointment for Saturday. It was not our regular vet, they were closed the whole weekend.

He fell in his food bowl.

 My husband started to pass a kidney stone on Thanksgiving morning. The kids went to their aunt’s house without us, and we missed dinner. We were, in fact, in the ER all day Saturday and came home just in time to take the dog to the vet. It was sad, but it was time.

 We had half the box of dog biscuits left, which we gave to our next door neighbor for their very large dog.

 The week after Thanksgiving we had our family Hanukkah party. Hanukkah was extremely early this year, from December 1-8. Both kids made it home for the party. My daughter finished her final papers early and was home for the winter break by December 3rd. My son went back to Riverside for finals week and came home on the 11th.

 This brings us about up to the decision to move our rooms.

More tomorrow. . .

Clancy, 1997-2010


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