Moving the Studio: the Packing Phase

Picking up where I left off. . .

This brings us about up to the decision to move our rooms. Having the house to myself was almost as great as I had hoped, but it just highlighted my problem with a lack of space– especially with those two large bedrooms sitting not empty, but unslept in.

I’ve been telling my daughter since her freshman year in college that at some point we were going to have to talk about trading rooms. When school started this year we began talking about what she wants to do after graduation, and she wants to get a job and stay in the Bay Area. She wants to work a while before going to grad school. Somewhere along the way I began to get tempted to trade rooms over this winter break.

When Sam and I did talk about it, it became clear that this is a perfect time to make the move. So we jumped in and began packing.

Packing in progress

The thing you should know about the before picture in my last post is that it only shows one corner of the room. Every wall was stacked almost floor to ceiling just like that with an incredible amount of stuff.

We had my sister-in-law and her boyfriend over for brunch on Christmas day. The next day, Sammy and I went out shopping for light fixtures, blinds, shelving units, and other stuff.

On Monday, December 27th, we began packing and moving stuff out of both of our rooms. We got an estimate for painting, color swatches, carpet samples.

All of this was under the big table, and will be again.

By Friday, I had my old studio (Sammy’s new room) emptied of sh – stuff, and it was time to take down the shelves, cabinets, and bulliten boards.

We moved everything into the dining room and living room. At different times on Thursday and Friday, you could hear one or the other of us call out, “Oh my god, there’s all this stuff in here, too!” I weeded out some books and gave them to my weaving guild, Southern California Handweavers Guild. Claudia, who manages the guild library came over to get them. She smiled knowingly at our piles of stuff in the living and dining rooms. She just recently went through the same process with her oldest daughter.

We managed to completely fill the living room, leaving a path to the back doors.


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