Painting Day

Sunday morning 7:00 am. About an hour after this, the latest storm rolled in and it rained all day, until Monday morning.

By the end of the day Saturday we had moved as much as we could move, and still have places for both kids to sleep. Only Sam’s bed remained in her old room sharing the space with the base frame of my 45″ floor loom, the tables for both industrial sewing machines, and the top of my large, 4′ x 8′ work table. I wanted to get these larger and heavier things moved as close to their new locations while I still had Michael’s help. This way, Sammy and I will only have to move them a few feet to get them where they’re going to end up – besides there really was no other place to put them. Earlier there had been some discussion about me getting rid of the industrial single needle (straight stitch) machine. But, alas, I decided to keep it. (oh, you all know you’ve done the same thing at one time or another!)

Sunday morning Michael drove off into the sunrise.
Yesterday the painter called to say he’s coming today. Sam and I stripped her bed and moved the mattress and box spring  out to the dining room; took down her curtains, hardware, and light fixture. Soon after that we crossed some kind of linguistic threshold. My old studio is now officially her room, and her old room is officially now my studio.

The base of the floor loom, table top, industrial machine tables, in the new studio.

In the afternoon we went shopping for the new fixtures and hardware. My new studio faces south and east, and the south-facing window gets direct sun all day. It’s not the ideal orientation for the artiste, but one works with what one has, right? I got some white cellular fabric blinds at Lowe’s. I think they’ll still let a lot of light through, and I’ll probably leave them down most of the time.
The single window in Sam’s new room faces some trees along the side of our neighbor’s house, and only gets the direct sun for about a half hour in the late afternoon. She’s actually happy she won’t get the harsh morning sun when she’s trying to sleep in, and I’m looking forward to lots of bright white light. I’ll deal with the summer heat when it gets here.
It’s going to be a few days before the new carpet will come for Sam’s room. We’ll start setting up my new studio on Wednesday. It’s good I’ll get a head start moving my cabinets and incredible amount of sh– back into my studio. Otherwise she might never find her stuff in the living room.

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