In Transition

I’ve gotten behind in updating again. Since Thursday we’ve been very busy moving back into our new rooms.

Sam's new room as of Thursday morning, with new paint, light fixture and Carpet.

My new studio with new paint, light fixtures, white cellular fabric blinds.

On Wednesday, the day after the painting was done, we put up the new light fixtures and the blinds in my studio. Since then, we’ve been moving in. We got most of Sam’s room done first because she has to get resettled before she goes back to school next week. On Saturday, with Irv’s help, we anchored her bookcases to the wall and put up her curtain rod. She got mostly moved in.
I’m going to reconstruct her two sets of curtains to make one set for her window which is twice as wide and half as high as the windows in her old room. I want to get it done by the time she leaves, so I’ve got to really get moving this week and get my sewing machines, tools, thread and such unearthed from the boxes in the living room. Or dining room – I really don’t remember where anything is. Irv also put up my wall cabinets on Saturday.
I’m still figuring out where everything is going to go. Over the years in my old studio I learned that little logistical decisions have a big impact on functionality. For instance, where  you store the ironing board when you’re not using it can make it a hassle when you need to get it out to use it.
I still need to do some woodworking before I can start moving the contents of all those shelves and cabinets into the studio. The tall white cabinet that sits on the floor needs a wood base to raise it up 1/2″ and make it more stable on the carpet; then I can anchor it to the wall.
I need to rework the support for the plywood “floor” under the big work table. This is a major storage area for heavy boxes of fabric.

New baker's rack on the left will greatly increase my storage capacity.

Stay tuned. . .

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