The After Pictures


The Before Picture

 It’s past due time I posted the after pictures of the Studio Move. First, let me review the before picture.
 The walls were a light, dirty yellow. The lighting was a really ugly ceiling fan with a four-blub fixture.
The 4′ x 8′ work table was in a corner, so the back half was essentially unreachable and I used it for storage. It was also covered with manilla pattern paper.
How did I ever design in there? I would put a piece of white paper on the table to lay out colors. I would take things to other parts of the house to see them in daylight.  

Sam's new room

 The New Studio
The old room was 11′ x 11′ 6″. The new one is 12′ 6′ x 13′ 2″.
The walls are painted white, we put up two flourescent light fixtures, and I now have access to three sides of the table. You see the computer at the end of the tabel? That’s where I’m sitting right now, typing.
By putting the table away from a corner, it’s like getting a second 24″ x 8′ table. However, it also meant I had to find other places to put all the stuff that was stored on the top of the table.
This was solved in part by getting a new small bakers rack for the corner between the table and closet. And as you can see, the wire cube book shelf is still on the table top.
You can kind-of see I have a white flannel covered bulletin board on the closet door. This was in the old studio, on the closet door. I made it  and it was hinged so it could swing open the full width of the closet. It was covered with flannel on the inside and outside. The idea was that I could lay out designs on the flannel, and fold the board closed when I wasn’t working on it. But I never fully utilized it.
You see, I was going to make art quilts when I went into the fiber art classes at CSUN.  My background, long before I learned to weave, was sewing. I was a patternmaker in the garment industry here in Los Angeles before I went back to school to get my BA in Art. That’s why I have two industrial sewing machines. The rulers hanging next to the closet door in the top picture are left over from patternmaking.
It’s also why I still have two dress forms. There they are, crammed into the closet behind the small baker’s rack, in a place that will be very hard to get them out of if I ever want to use them.
Which is all very curious since, as I have been known to say, “I don’t do garments.” They caused me quite a conundrum as I was moving in.
Professional organisers have a rule of thumb: if you haven’t used something in over two years, you should get rid of it because you aren’t likely to ever use it again. Those forms were in the same place in the closet in my old studio. Not only had I not used them in over two years, I would forget I even owned them!
I stood there for a long time one day arguing with myself. I hadn’t filled up all the drawers with yarn yet. I had the dress forms in the closet. I put the bakers rack together, but hadn’t put anything on the shelves yet. And I knew that those forms are going to be damned hard to get out of there (I’ll have to lift them up over the baker’s rack while swinging them over my head to clear the work table) if I ever decide to use them.
But IF, the argument goes, I ever want to make a garment, I can’t do it without having a dress form to drape it on.  
-But I haven’t made a garment in over TEN YEARS- 
But WHAT IF  I want to? If I get rid of them, then I won’t have one to use.
-So, get rid of one of them-
But which one? The one that’s in better shape is a size 5 petite, and the one that’s a more realistic size is falling apart.
-Maybe get a used size 12 or 14 downtown, in the garment district-
They still cost money, even used, and I may never use it.
-Get rid of both of them, free up the space in the closet, and get one of those El Cheapo one’s from Joanne’s IF I ever make garments again-
Oh no, not that! –No, just put them in the closet. Keep the door closed-
It took me two weeks to unpack and move in.

The Warping Board is still behind the door.


new storage area


The cabinets from the old studio are hung higher, so I can walk under them. I got myself a new step stool so I can reach the high shelves.


There are two large windows facing east and south. I found some wonderful fabric shades at Lowe's that let in bright white light.


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