Computer Day

I’ve spent the day at the computer. My brain is numb. I think I accomplished some of the things I wanted to. I worked on this blog, as my merry band of loyal readers will notice. I have changed the name, theme, categories, and I’ve added tags.  Ever since I started a blog, I’ve ignored tags altogether; but gradually, search has become more important to me. I spent the afternoon going through all my old posts changing categories and adding tags. Its stultifying. I need a nap, I just had coffee and it didn’t help.

I went into my website and cleaned up some things. A few weeks ago I started to build some new pages there, but had left it incomplete, slightly messy, but it’s cleaner now. I updated the dates for the Designing Weavers sale in November, so you see I’m on top of things.

The day started with me answering an email – Nicki’s email about the DW meeting agenda for next week. Then I started to work on a submission for a group show, and I’m actually pleased with what I got done today on that project.

This is all complicated by a little vision problem I’m having. I went to the eye doc last week to get it checked and he said it should resolve itself soon. It hasn’t started to resolve yet. And in the last few days I find I can’t view the computer out of the middle range of my glasses as I’m supposed to. I have to focus from the lower lenses, which is supposed to be for close-up work. I’ve been scooting my chair real close to the desk and tilting my head up so I can look at the screen out of the bottom of my glasses. My neck and shoulders are a bit tired. I’m gonna go rest, then when Irv gets home we’ll watch the Jeopardy champions play against the Watson computer.


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