Been a While

It has really been a while since I’ve been in here. And of course WordPress has rearranged everything. 

I decided to update my (3) readers at a moment when I’m finishing up projects and starting new ones. It’s that transition period known as CLEANING THE STUDIO. I haven’t cleaned in a very long time, I’ve been going from one project to another since January, when I finished The Fifth Element for exhibition at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio in Manhatten.


 Then I barely cleaned before starting my Designing Weavers piece, Pacific Rim. (Due March 25th).



I hadn’t even gotten Pacific Rim finished when I needed to get started on the Wells Fargo Green Team trophy, entitled Stash of Trash.


And now it is to the point where I simply can’t function in there.

You all know it, you’ve all been there. 

 ImageThis time isn’t as bad as it has been sometimes. But still, I always find myself standing among the mess, thinking, “where do I start?” The answer is always this:

Image One thing. Just find one thing to and find a place for it. And that always leads to the next thing I can put away, and then I get on a roll. I build momentum, and the process just flows. However, I didn’t get started until after 4:00 today, having conducted very effective avoidance techniques most of the day. So I didn’t get very far. Tomorrow I really won’t be able to avoid it any longer, really.

What’s on the agenda next for me and my studio:

woven fabric for window shades – for cousins Candyce and Adam; 18 yards, two warps, two different widths.

A new workshop, Exploring Twills

Designing Weavers 2013 annual project on the theme of Opposites. 


3 comments so far

  1. Deborah Thomas on

    Fabulous work, Julie!

    • Julie Kornblum on

      Thank you!

      • Nancy Desiderati on

        Julie, I love your things…you are so talented! I never tire of looking at it all., Aunt Nancy

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