Thirteen Through Seventeen

it’s kinda funny to see those numbers spelled out like that isn’t it? Do you know why?

It’s because, in writing, one is only supposed to spell out numbers from one to ten. Any number higher than ten should be written in numerals. In a text, one would write 13 – 17.

flowers 13-17

flowers 13-17

And here they are: flowers 13 – 17. I got a little bit ahead last weekend when I made six flowers. But a couple of those were heavy denim from some jeans, and I made my right hand sore. So on Sunday I rested.

We had a Fun a Day meeting in the space where the exhibit will be held on Friday, February 28, and Saturday, March 1. It will be a pop-up show with opening receptions both nights. The tentative time will be 7-10 pm both nights, but that is not set in stone yet, so watch for announcements.

Here’s a note: anyone who still wants to can join in. You don’t have to have made 31 of anything; you don’t have to have worked on your project for any set amount of time. There really are no rules. It is meant to be fun; it is meant to be a jump-start to your creativity for the new year. the official descriptions talk about how Fun a Day is meant to be a fun way to be creative during the coldest, dreariest month of the winter. . . It’s really hard to say that with a straight face; and this is the time of the year when we really mustn’t gloat about the weather.

However, it may be pretty grim in parts of the Southland this evening. Some boys went and started a fire in Glendora, it’s being called the Colby Fire. For any of our non-California readers, it’s been windy, dry and hot the past few days. We were under Red Flag Warnings, which means extremely high fire danger. The fire grew very quickly, some homes have been lost, lots of people evacuated.

I went up to the Topanga library yesterday morning, and I could see the smoke in the basin, over the top of the hills. The way the air currents flow from the inland to the ocean, the wind carries the smoke into the LA basin. I remember in ’03, when I was working on the Envisioning the Future project out in Pomona, and they had some awful fires in San Bernardino and Riverside. I could smell the smoke in Mar Vista – something like 60 miles away.

oddly, the valley was crystal clear today – I mean crystal. warning: this next part may contain some cattyness. But, shhh, don’t tell. We must let the people over the hill keep their illusions of the valley. (dont’ tell them how much you paid for your house, either.)


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