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Into Spring

I’ve already discussed what an unreliable blogger I am, right? so,’nough said?

here is how my Fun a Day project turned out. I ended up with 27 flowers. It was actually, really lots of fun. It did jump-start my creative work for the new year.

My Fun a Day flowers.

My Fun a Day flowers.

The other benefits were the connections: I met some wonderful new people, and reconnected with some old friends.


The opening was over two nights, February 28 & March 1.

My next fun project was a car cozy for my minivan. This was for the Santa Clarita Art Slam on the evening of March 6th.


The next two projects to come up, and what I’m currently involved in, are public art projects with yarn. David Orozco, of Yarnbombing Los Angeles, and I created a large yarn mural for Riverside Art Make.


The project kicked off on March 8th with a community workshop at Raincross Yarn in Riverside. The assembled group began dismantling thrift store sweaters while Ana drew a cartoon of the hills above the La Sierra neighborhood. At the second workshop on March 16, we assembled the background of the landscape.


Our last workshop was March 23 at Riverside Art Museum, where we added orange trees and other details to the mural.


RAM_3-24_WKSHPThe mural is scheduled to be installed on March 31.



On March 22, Yarnbombing Los Angeles launched our latest project at Manhattan Beach Creative Art Center. We will be doing a yarnbombing of many trees around the center along with a community tapestry and an exhibition of other yarn artworks in the gallery.

Our next two community workshops will be April 26, and May 3, both at 1-4 pm. We will also be working on the yarnbombing and the tapestry at our regular stitching sessions on the 3rd Saturday of the month at the Craft and Folk Art Museum.


Helen and Tiffany working on the community tapestry.

Helen and Tiffany working on the community tapestry.


A community tapestry woven into a beach volleyball net.


Charlotte, Jane and Judy working on tree wrappers for the yarnbombing.



Last Post of 2012

Wrapping up 2012. It was a good year. I had my work in some wonderful exhibitions; I was invited to apply to California Fibers, and joined that group; I curated an exhibition at Los Angeles International Airport; and I was selected to produce a coiled piece for the Wells Fargo Green Team Trophy.

Since my last blog post, I finished the second token for the Green Team Trophy. It will be going to the Los Angeles Virtual Team.













I have woven some samples for the window shade fabric. I will soon be meeting with C & A to look at them.














Just yesterday I shared a triangle loom weaving adventure with some friends from my local guild, the Southern  California Handweavers Guild. A little group of weavers came together at Michelle Gannes’ house to learn how to weave on triangle looms. I had been curious about triangle weaving, so I borrowed a loom and joined in. I came home with my triangle about half woven and finished it in the evening. And the result was, well . . .

triangle 2. . . slightly appalling.

I figure I’ll probably add some embellishment to cover that mess in the center, then crochet an edge which will help compensate for the failure at the bottom point. As I’m thinking about it, If I use a nice bright complimentary color for the edging, it will pull attention away from the technical difficulties. Then I’ll wear it in my studio when I need a little something to keep my shoulders warm, and never take it out of the house. It will be fine.

Looking forward to 2013: along with the window shade fabric, and never weaving on a triangle loom ever again, I’ll be doing at least two more tokens for the Green Team Trophy. I’m going to attend Stitches West in February in Santa Clara, CA.  I’ll need to step up work on my Designing Weavers annual project in order to get it done by March, April, or May. I also have workshops and classes scheduled on my teaching roster thru May.  Then there is the SDA conference in San Antonio in June.

What else? I’m sure I’ll find some other things to get into – I’ll let you know.

Art and Fashion

This past week I attended two fun, but very different, arts events . Wednesday was Drink & Draw, a networking social gathering organized by 11:11 A Creative Collective, the same group who has brought us the Canoga Park Artwalk the last two summers.

11:11 ACC Drink & Draw

11:11 ACC Drink & Draw

The Maui Sugar Mill Saloon is an old-time, low-key, neighborhood watering hole with Fat Tire on tap, a decent juke box, and a low enough noise level that a group of artists can sit in a corner with a drink and talk while drawing (or whatever). I met some Valley artists I’ve never met before, and caught up with others I haven’t seen in a while.

All artists in the San Fernando Valley should drop by so we can all meet each other and build our community connections. Follow the 11:11 ACC links to sign up for their email announcements.

I took my DW “opposites” piece to work on. Here is another peek at it. I’m not ready to reveal it by a long way. I was thinking of calling it Attraction. But then Jan Lamb, a Valley Artist I was talking to, said something that made me think of Fire and Water as a title.

Designing Weavers 2013 Annual Project

Designing Weavers 2013 Annual Project

I caught up with Preston Craig, who I met about seven years ago on the Valley Artist Studio Tour. Preston told me about a crowd funding project he started through Go Fund Me to raise money for some new computer equipment. I got his email about it the next day and I made a donation. And that’s what networking is all about.

Thursday night was the fashion show at Studio Channel Islands Art Center. I entered my plastic bag dress that I made for  the Mannequin Collective in Santa Monica two years ago. The funny thing about this dress is: although I have shown it several times in exhibitions, no one had ever worn it as a dress until last Thursday night.


I’m happy to say the dress was a hit. The audience, many of whom are friends of mine, let out a collective whoop when the model came out. I have to say it was a happy moment.


Plastic in the Oceans

Since my last post, I went to Convergence in Tampa, Florida. I had two pieces in the juried basketry exhibit. And I won 3rd place for Our Layer!
I found out last week that the two pieces I submitted to the National Fiber Arts Exhibition at Escondido Municipal Art Gallery were both accepted, and Forever Yours won 2nd place.

What’s new on the loom. . .
I call this Plastic in the Oceans. It’s an adaptation of Flourishing Wave Border, a draft from the Davison Book (A Handweaver’s Pattern Book by Marguerite Porter Davison).

When I did Plastic in the Trees, I put out a call for colored plastic bags, and lots of white ones came along with what I collected.
This is a blue, green, and Violet warp with white grocery store bags in the pattern weft. The tabby weft is the same yarns as the warp.

It’s companion piece is still on the loom; I’ll probably finish it and cut it off the loom today.

I still have lots of white plastic bags, and a small number of colored ones. I’m still getting them from people, though I’m not actively seeking them.

I’ve gotten to the point where I’m not happy when someone hands me a bag of bags; because it means they are still taking them from stores. I’ll actually be very glad when I can’t get any more plastic shopping bags to weave with. I hope someday we will be able to look at these pieces and think they belonged to a specific time. I hope someday these bags won’t be so ubiquitous, everywhere in our landscapes.

I also have a coiled piece in progress. This will be a wall piece. I started it as my demonstration piece for the Designing Weavers sale on May 17 & 18. Here it is on June 24, right before Convergence:

July 7th:

and today:

Unprofessional Photos

Plastic in the Trees 1
I finished the two Plastic in the Trees pieces and cut them off the loom yesterday. I wanted to take some pictures with me to the Designing Weavers meeting last night. So these were taken with the uncut, unfinished piece laying on my family room floor, and me standing on the coffee table to shoot them.
Plastic in the Trees 2

One or both of these pieces will be in the Designing Weavers show at ArtCenter Manatee in Bradenton, FL. June 12 – July 5, 2008.

This blogging thing takes way too much time, I don’t know how people do this every day. . .

New Piece

Last week I made great progress on the second version of Plastic in the Trees.

This is looking down on the loom; with me standing on my loom bench to take the picture. And a closeup:

Cut plastic bags, ready to weave:

I haven’t woven since last Tuesday. I’ve been on the computer a whole lot these past few days, and I don’t feel very chatty right now.

more later. . .

Work in Progress

This is my new blog, where I plan to post work in progress and newly finished work.
Here is what’s on the loom now:

It will be called “Plastic in the Trees I,” and it is inspired by, what else, all the plastic in the trees all over the place.
This is the Los Angeles River, just before it passes under Burbank Boulevard, upstream of the Sepulveda Dam.

I’m about ready to begin “Plastic in the Trees II.” Weaving on the loom, by its nature, lends itself to working in series. So there might also be a “PitT III.” I’ll have to see how much warp I have left on the loom after I finish #II.

More later. . .

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